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5 Creative Uses for Old Tyres

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5 Creative Uses for Old Tyres

The UK reportedly produces around 55 million waste tyres a year, posing serious environmental and health risks as they are often dumped in hazardous landfill sites. In attempts to be more environmentally friendly, more and more DIY enthusiasts are transforming their old used tyres into a range of home accessories.

As specialists in tyre fitting and replacements, our team at Munster Tyres knows first hand the amount of used tyres that come through our doors. We’ve compiled a list of creative uses for old tyres from around the web, so next time you come in to get your tyres changed, consider taking the old ones home with you too and get creative.


Painted or not, an old tyre can make a useful plant pot for your garden. You can stack them up against each other for an urban feel, or paint in a colour of your choice and hang from a fence or tree for a modern take on hanging baskets. As a plus, the rubber absorbs heat meaning that several types of plant really thrive in this makeshift pot.


With a few DIY tools and a bit of patience, any old tyre can be transformed into a truly unique conversation piece for one of your rooms. From a simple, eco-friendly ottoman with a length of rope and a glue gun, to a whole set of table and chairs made from recycled rubber, the furniture pieces that can be made from tyres with a bit of creative thinking are limitless.

Tyre Swings

A classic tyre rope swing is the one of the symbols of any adult’s childhood, so why not hang one from a tree in your back garden and make your child’s summer too?

For a more complex design (and if you’re feeling brave), you can even cut tyres into animal shapes, such as the horse swing pictured! Not only will this be a great way to spend time outdoors with your children, but it will add a creative aesthetic to your garden too.


Making a basket out of old tyre parts provides a functional use for storing loose items from around the house – firewood, magazines, flowers, even fruit or bottles of drink.


Utilising an old tyre to add a pond to your garden is a great way of recycling used materials, and a cost-effective way of promoting sustained wildlife in your own garden. You will need a pond liner, stones and any plants for decoration, and over the weekend you can transform your garden into a haven for local wildlife and for you to watch as you relax on sunny days.

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