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Is an MOT the same as a service?

Posted on February 26th 2020 by Munster.Tyres

An MOT is not the same as a service, they are two completely separate car inspection methods, with different uses and requirements. It is a common misconception that an MOT and a service are the same, and research states that 59% of people in the UK don’t understand what is included for either one. Read on to feel more informed about what the differences between an MOT and a service are the next time your car needs an inspection.  What is an MOT? An MOT is an annual test of roadworthiness, vehicle safety and exhaust emissions – this test is a... Continue reading

Electric MOTs – What’s the Difference?

Posted on October 31st 2018 by Munster.Tyres

With electric cars becoming more popular than ever, there are many people asking just what it’s like to run one from day to day and year to year. While they do run differently to regular, non-hybrid cars, they still require an annual MOT test once they have turned three years old. While this isn’t new to any current motorist, what an electric MOT involves specifically certainly is! Just like your regular MOT, the test is compulsory and is designed to examine all aspects of the car’s components, with one exception of an emissions test, however. The normal routine As stated earlier,... Continue reading

MOT Changes – May 20th 2018

Posted on May 31st 2018 by Munster.Tyres

This month, the UK government is making changes to the current MOT test. While the changes are not drastic, they will have a profound effect on certain groups of motorists, particularly those with an invested interest in classic cars! Another important change has been made to new car MOTs, specifically the year in which an MOT becomes necessary for them. If you would like to know about these MOT changes in greater detail, simply read on. Cars over 40 years old won’t need an MOT For all of the classic car lovers out there, you’re in luck: cars, vans and motorcycles... Continue reading

What to do if Your Car Fails its MOT

Posted on September 29th 2017 by Munster.Tyres

Did your car fail its MOT this year? If so, don’t worry, you’re not alone – nearly 40% of drivers in the UK did! Sometimes, no matter how much we prepare, it can be the smallest thing that our car fails on. However, if we do fail, it’s important to know what the best course of action to take is. This way, we can get ourselves back on the road as soon as possible! So, in this article, Munster Tyres will provide a quick rundown of the things that you should do following an MOT failure. Receive your VT30 Immediately after... Continue reading

MOT Checklist

Posted on October 26th 2016 by adtrak.admin

If you’ve booked your car in to have its MOT soon, don’t be caught out. Most faults vehicles fail their MOT for could be avoided through general maintenance of your car. As such, it’s worthwhile to carry out a few checks of your own before taking it in. The tests you can carry out detailed below are not only easy but could also save you a bit of money, too. Ensure that the likelihood of your vehicle passing its MOT first time is increased with our MOT checklist. Lights Your vehicle’s lights, while numerous, are exceptionally easy to check. Simply get... Continue reading

What’s Included In My MOT?

Posted on December 10th 2015 by adtrak.admin

It is essential that your vehicle passes it’s MOT test in order to remain legally safe to drive. An MOT test consists of a series of inspections on the vehicle in order to determine whether it’s roadworthy, so it’s useful to know what will be checked so you can make sure everything is as operational as possible prior to the test. Here at Munster Tyres, our team offer comprehensive MOT testing for your vehicle, and have compiled a list of what’s included in every MOT. Brakes – Brakes, pedals and lever condition are inspected for wear or damage, and a check... Continue reading

Car Servicing & MOT’s – What is the difference?

Posted on June 28th 2014 by adtrak.admin

Regular car maintenance is crucial to ensure your vehicle remains fully functional and to avoid any possible problems which could result in serious damage, either to you or the vehicle. Making sure you take your car for its MOT when required and regular servicing will help your vehicle remain in full working order and will highlight any likely future issues. Many car-owners are not familiar with the difference between car servicing and MOTs, which can result in a vehicle not passing the correct testing and can ultimately mean the legal requirements are not sufficiently followed. This article will serve to explain... Continue reading


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