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Chelsea’s Millionaire Boy Racers

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Chelsea’s Millionaire Boy Racers

Here at Munster Tyres, we see a wide range of vehicles pass through our doors. Based in the West London area, we’ve also seen the rise of the supercar, imported by Chelsea’s ‘Millionaire Boy Racers’, featured recently in a Channel 4 documentary, clips from which you can check out here:

Each summer, an increasing number of young men predominantly from the Gulf states are spending their time in Chelsea, attracted by the huge choice in luxury shopping, dining, gambling and nightclubs. With them, these millionaires bring their supercars such as Ferraris and custom Lamborghinis to speed through the streets of London.

The speeds these so-called ‘boy racers’ travel at, and the sounds their customised cars make, have caused a growing divide between them and the Chelsea local residents, leading to local authorities planning to introduce laws restricting the sound level and speed drivers can travel at in the local area.

The Kensington and Chelsea council plans to introduce a Public Spaces Protection Order, which bans the following activities in the area:

  • Sudden acceleration
  • Racing
  • Driving in convoy
  • Playing excessively loud music
  • Obstructing the road
  • Engine revving
  • Use of threatening or intimidating behaviour

If the order is placed, offenders will risk being fined, or even having their cars, worth thousands of pounds, seized by police! Local residents are reported to be pleased by the proposed restrictions, confirming that the noise the boy racers make is excessive and irritating, and while the cars are parked they obstruct the road, causing a nuisance to everyone.

Munster Tyres are a leading provider of tyres and car servicing across the West London, and our proud to provide a quality service to our customers at all times.

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