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Going round the bend? Get your wheel balancing and alignment checked!

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Going round the bend? Get your wheel balancing and alignment checked!

Correct wheel balancing and wheel alignment checks are essential considerations for today’s motorist. The condition of a vehicle’s tyres is extremely important because it has the potential to lead to life or death situations on the road. Regular wheel balancing and alignment checks dramatically reduce your risk on the road and the amount spent on your vehicle each year.

Why should wheel balancing be checked?

These problems are caused when the wheels of a vehicle impact with other objects such as potholes and kerbs. Unbalanced tyres lead to an uncomfortable driving experience as cars with this problem vibrate more and the steering wheel may start to shake when you are driving.

Over time, the wear and tear of different car parts leads to problems such as uneven tyre wear and problems with suspensions and steering.

Many car owners do not realise they need to balance and align the wheels of their car. The weight of a car often hides the effects of an imbalance, therefore, it is important to get a professional mechanic to check the condition of your car’s wheels. Ideally, wheels should be checked every six months or so.

Replacing worn and torn tyres, suspensions and steering components can be very costly. The financial cost of ignoring an imbalance is another good reason to check and repair the issue if it’s required.

Dangers of not having it checked

Any factor that leads to the loss of control of a vehicle has the potential to put a driver and other road users in a dangerous position. There are a range of possible safety and financial problems associated with the issue of wheel imbalance; if a particular part is damaged there can be expensive or life-threatening consequences.

The tread wear of tyres is the most obvious danger as it increases the likelihood of getting a puncture or blow-out. This is an avoidable risk to a driver and other road users.

Every motorist trusts the steering mechanism of their car; however, if the steering parts are damaged because of an imbalance, it has the potential to lead to an accident too.

How it works

An alignment machine checks the caster, camber and toe angles. If required, these angles are changed to the recommended manufacturer’s settings.

Each wheel is balanced on a wheel balancing machine where the wheel is rotated. This machine then calculates the weight of the wheel and finds out where the balance weight centre is located. This is then adjusted.

Wheel balancing and alignment is normally carried out when a wheel has been repaired and remounted on a vehicle. It should also be completed anytime a tyre is mounted on a wheel.

Once balanced and aligned, the driver should notice a smoother driving experience. Tyres will also last longer because of the reduced wear and tear.

What exactly is it?

It is a routine preventative maintenance of the wheels of a car, in which the wheels are re-adjusted to the car manufacturer’s recommended settings. Specialist machinery is used to check the balance and angles of each wheel and, if required, the wheel is then adjusted accordingly. Once the adjustments have been completed, the wheels should be correctly balanced and aligned to each other and the surface of the road.

To check whether your vehicle’s wheels need to be balanced and aligned, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team of experts here at Munster Tyres. Our fully qualified team undertake a comprehensive range of car maintenance and car repairs services to ensure optimal efficiency and high performance from your vehicle. Simply give us a ring or contact us online today!


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