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A Step-by-step Guide on How to Professionally Clean and Polish Your Car

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A Step-by-step Guide on How to Professionally Clean and Polish Your Car

We all love a clean car, but every so often we come across that one stain that won’t come off or scratch that won’t buff out. Following this simple guide will ensure your car stays in top shape.

Step one: wash and rinse 

This step is fairly self-explanatory. Using hot water and soap, or a power washer if available, remove surface stains from the body of your car. Start from the roof and work your way down the body using circular motions to ensure you remove the larger surface stains. Make sure to not use any household products like detergent or dish soap while cleaning your car, and always check with the manufacturer to see if a product you are using is too harsh for the paintwork. Make sure you get into the crevices of the car’s body, including door handles and the bonnet.

Once the car has been thoroughly washed, rinse the car one more time to remove the soap and to eliminate any remaining stains. After the body is washed, allow time for the car to dry.

Do not forget about the car’s windows. Once the body is clean, use a brand of window cleaner specifically designed for vehicles. Regular window cleaner has a chance to damage the tint of a window. 

Step two: polish the wheels

It’s important that you keep your wheels clean as well as the body. However, soapy water might not be enough here. Make sure you have a specialist product available to make cleaning your wheels and tyres easier and to ensure the best result. Before you do anything, spray a fine layer of any tyre cleaner, and leave to rest for 5-10 minutes. Apply a soft bristle brush to the tyres to remove surface stains, if need be, rinse with hot water to remove smaller stains.

Step three: protect and polish

It’s all well and good cleaning your car, but what about protecting it? After washing your car, make sure to polish the surface to give the car a glossy shine. Waxing your car will also provide a slight glossy look but more importantly, the wax protects your car from the elements. To maintain a beautiful glossy car, it’s recommended that you perform regular maintenance to the body of your car. Using a spray detailer is recommended as it can quickly remove dust and smaller stains. 

Step four: clean the interior 

It’s as simple as turning on a vacuum. Focus on the seats, footwells and floor mats as they collect the most dust and debris, if left for too long, they also start to stink. After the seats are tidy and the footwells have been vacuumed, begin shampooing your seats using fabric softener or a multi-purpose product, but make sure you dilute the product before use as it may be too harsh on your seats fibres and dye. After you’ve applied the product to surfaces that require it, remove the product using a damp cloth, if the cloth is wet, it could damage a car’s electrics.

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