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How to make your brakes last longer

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How to make your brakes last longer

Well-functioning brakes are one of the most important features of your car. Therefore, for safety reasons, if problems arise here it is not an option to ignore the issue or put off a repair or replacement. If your brakes are wearing out quickly and you find yourself having to pay for replacement brake system parts, such as brake pads, more frequently than you should be, this could be due to inappropriate driving habits. In this article, we will look at things you can do to be kinder to your brakes and, as a result, make them last as long as possible.

Reduce your speed

Braking from high speeds is a lot harder on your brakes than at lower speeds. Essentially, the more motion the brakes have to work to stop, the rougher this is on the mechanism and the quicker your brakes will wear. If you are driving through traffic, for example, don’t drive aggressively in a pattern of accelerating quickly and braking sharply as this is a sure way to excessively wear your brakes.

Stop accelerating before starting to brake

If you are perceptive on the roads, you will be able to see most situations which require braking coming up and prepare for them. A brake-friendly way to prepare is to ease off your accelerator and change down gears to decrease your speed before pressing the brake pedal. By the time you brake, your speed will have already decreased and braking will require less effort on your car’s part. This is also a very smooth way to drive which is beneficial to your brakes and more, including tyres and fuel consumption.

Correct accelerating and braking footwork

You should never press the brake and accelerator pedals at the same time. This is bad driving practice as well as wearing on your brakes. You should use your right foot for the brake and accelerator pedal and your left for the clutch only. This footwork prevents the possibility of you tapping at the brake pedal whilst on the accelerator. Simultaneous pressing of pedals is also bad practice as it means your brake lights will be blinking on and off and producing confusing signals for other drivers on the road.

Avoid unnecessary weight

The heavier a car is, the more effort is needed to stop the car’s momentum, and thus is more wearing on brakes. Although most things you may carry in your car won’t be of a great weight alone, the accumulated effect of additional weight in your car over time can be an unnecessary burden on your brakes. Clear out anything from your car which is unneeded to keep your car as light as possible.

Routinely replace brake fluid

Brake fluid degrades over time and decreases in effectiveness. It is, therefore, important to replace it periodically (check your car’s owner’s manual for the recommended frequency) to ensure the braking system is in top working condition. With poor quality brake fluid, braking effectiveness can be reduced and parts will corrode quicker; this will result in larger repairs being necessary down the line and therefore it is in your best interest to replace brake fluid to extend the life of your whole brake system.

Get brakes serviced regularly

The best way to keep on top of your brakes’ condition is to have them checked by professionals during routine servicing. This will allow any emerging problems to be identified and dealt with quickly before they progress into larger, and more expensive, issues. As with anything brake-related, safety is paramount and ensuring your brakes are in top working condition should be your main concern.

Munster Tyres are experts in providing servicing and repairs for vehicles to ensure that they are safe and in good working condition. We carry out a wide variety of car repairs and replacements – such as tyre fitting, brake and clutch repairs and car body work – both efficiently and to a high quality standard. Our experienced professionals are based in Fulham and provide services to individuals across North London. Contact us today for enquiries or for further information on the services we can provide.


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