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MOT Changes – May 20th 2018

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MOT Changes – May 20th 2018

This month, the UK government is making changes to the current MOT test. While the changes are not drastic, they will have a profound effect on certain groups of motorists, particularly those with an invested interest in classic cars! Another important change has been made to new car MOTs, specifically the year in which an MOT becomes necessary for them.

If you would like to know about these MOT changes in greater detail, simply read on.

Cars over 40 years old won’t need an MOT

For all of the classic car lovers out there, you’re in luck: cars, vans and motorcycles over 40 years old will no longer require an MOT. Prior to this change, the ruling was that only vehicles manufactured prior to 1960 would be exempt from an MOT. More than anything, this means that, for those people who treat looking after classic cars as hobby, getting those vehicles on the road is now a great deal simpler.

This is not necessarily all good news, however. Prior to these changes, there were around 197,000 vehicles on the road which didn’t require a valid MOT. With these changes in place, this number has more than doubled, with nearly half a million cars – cars that could well not be roadworthy – driving around without an MOT.

New diesel rules

Unfortunately, with the impact that these engines are having on the environment becoming more and more apparent, the rules for diesel cars are becoming stricter. With an aim to restrict emissions even further, diesel vehicles are now being fitted with a DPF (diesel particulate filter). If any smoke is seen to be coming out of the exhaust during the test, your vehicle will fail.

Changes to new car MOTs

On top of those changes to the MOT requirements for older vehicles, the government have also changed the age at which a new car will be put through its first MOT from 3 to 4 years. Much like the new rules being applied to classic cars, this change to new car MOTs would also see the number of unroadworthy vehicles in the UK rise drastically, something which many road safety campaigners haven’t taken lightly.

According to government statistics, 1 in 6 3-year-old cars fail their first MOT. An odd statistic, you might think, but makes sense when you think about it: maintenance isn’t something that’s on the mind of a new car owner and, as a result, when their car’s first MOT comes round, it can easily fail.

Is it about time your car gets checked in for an MOT? If so, look no further than Munster Tyres and Servicing. We have been a leading provider of tyres, car servicing and MOTs to the Fulham and North London areas for 40 years. Our team of experienced professionals are experts when it comes to caring for your vehicle. For more information about booking your car in for a service or MOT, contact our friendly team today.


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