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MOT Changes – May 20th 2018

Posted on May 31st 2018 by Munster.Tyres

This month, the UK government is making changes to the current MOT test. While the changes are not drastic, they will have a profound effect on certain groups of motorists, particularly those with an invested interest in classic cars! Another important change has been made to new car MOTs, specifically the year in which an MOT becomes necessary for them. If you would like to know about these MOT changes in greater detail, simply read on. Cars over 40 years old won’t need an MOT For all of the classic car lovers out there, you’re in luck: cars, vans and motorcycles... Continue reading

What Type of Tyres Do I Need?

Posted on April 30th 2018 by Munster.Tyres

The type of tyres you have fitted to your car have very important performance implications, implications which you certainly shouldn’t ignore if you want to get the most out of your tyres. So, depending on the particular conditions you will be driving in, and of course your budget, you will want to choose the optimal tread pattern and rubber compound for your driving goals. In this article, we’ll cover the four key types of tyres offered here at Munster Tyres, detailing their various benefits, and why you might opt for one over another. Regular tyres Many motorists might not think that... Continue reading

What is Wheel Balancing?

Posted on March 29th 2018 by Munster.Tyres

The concept of wheel balancing can be a bit of a tricky one, not least because you would think the term interchangeable with wheel alignment. Unfortunately, however, despite sounding similar, these two terms denote two very different things. Where balancing is concerned with the distribution of weight around the wheel, alignment addresses the positioning of the wheels in relation to the road and each other. So, to help make this all a little clearer, the Munster Tyres team will give a thorough breakdown of wheel balancing and why it’s important. What is wheel balancing? As previously stated, wheel balancing looks to... Continue reading

Spring Cleaning for Your Car

Posted on February 28th 2018 by Munster.Tyres

Of all the seasons your car has to face, winter has to be the toughest. From the rain and ice to the gritted roads and severe drops in temperature, winter has an arsenal of weapons to grind down your car. So, with spring fast approaching, it seems fitting to give our readers an article on how to properly clean your vehicle ready for the year ahead, removing any evidence of the harsher season. Remove the rubbish Firstly, given the harsh temperatures you’ve been enduring over the past few months, the chances are you haven’t spent a great deal of time in... Continue reading

5 Ways to Tell if Your Brakes are Faulty

Posted on January 31st 2018 by Munster.Tyres

When it comes to replacing parts of your car, it pays to be extra diligent when checking your tyres and brakes. Why? Well, where your tyres are the only part of your car that remain in contact with the road and provide traction, your brakes ultimately control them – making them even more important to keep in working order. In this article, the team at Munster Tyres will be offering 5 ways to tell if your brakes are worn down and in need of replacement, so you can make sure that your car is as safe on the roads as possible.... Continue reading

How to Change a Car Tyre

Posted on December 21st 2017 by Munster.Tyres

For many motorists, changing a tyre is a particularly alien task, something which we leave up to breakdown technicians and mechanics. This doesn’t have to be the case though, changing a tyre is a lot simpler than many people have it in their heads, especially if you break the process down into smaller, more manageable chunks and remain focused on the task at hand. With this in mind, in this article Munster Tyres will be focusing on how to change a tyre. What you’ll need Firstly, before you even consider the task of changing a tyre, you need to have the... Continue reading

A Driving Home for Christmas Checklist

Posted on November 30th 2017 by Munster.Tyres

Spending Christmas time with your loved ones is what it’s all about, it’s what keeps us going through the harsh winter months. However, as time goes on, children get older and families move away, reconciling for Christmas becomes increasingly difficult – especially if you live at opposite ends of the country! During the Christmas period, millions of people all over the UK will be making long journeys homes. So with this in mind, Munster Tyres will be offering some tips and advice to motorists, ensuring that their journey home to their loved ones is as safe as possible. Pre-checks Tyres: Even... Continue reading

What are the different types of tyres?

Posted on October 31st 2017 by Munster.Tyres

These days, tyres are becoming increasingly complex pieces of kit. Rather than the simple rubber rings of old, we now have large, durable tyres consisting of steel, advanced fabrics and tough rubber compounds. They are feats of engineering in their own right. What’s more, as this technology continues to advance, we have an ever-growing number of different types to choose from, depending on the conditions we are facing. Acknowledging this, the team at Munster Tyres thinks it’s time to time to give you a thorough breakdown of the different types of tyres, offering advice on the best time to use each... Continue reading

What to do if Your Car Fails its MOT

Posted on September 29th 2017 by Munster.Tyres

Did your car fail its MOT this year? If so, don’t worry, you’re not alone – nearly 40% of drivers in the UK did! Sometimes, no matter how much we prepare, it can be the smallest thing that our car fails on. However, if we do fail, it’s important to know what the best course of action to take is. This way, we can get ourselves back on the road as soon as possible! So, in this article, Munster Tyres will provide a quick rundown of the things that you should do following an MOT failure. Receive your VT30 Immediately after... Continue reading

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint When Driving

Posted on August 31st 2017 by Munster.Tyres

Unfortunately, CO2 emissions are unavoidable. Each day, whether we’re eating, working, travelling or enjoying our leisure time, we are always leaving behind a carbon footprint. Although some form of carbon footprint is inescapable, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make an effort to reduce it. There are many things we can start doing in our daily lives which could help us see a reduction in our personal emissions, but this article will only focus on those which can be done while driving. Public transport One of the most effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to simply drive less. This doesn’t... Continue reading


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