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Pothole Safety Tips

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Pothole Safety Tips

The bane of every motorists life, potholes can cause some serious damage to your car if you don’t avoid them. Caused by the fluctuating temperatures as the seasons turn throughout the year, unfortunately, potholes are going to be something that we have to live with for now. But what can we do to avoid them?

Motorists the world over spend billions a year on repairs stemming from pothole damage and, here at Munster Tyres, we want to do what we can to help reduce this. So, in this article, we will be covering some useful pothole safety tips.

What causes potholes?

Know thy enemy. Potholes occur after standing water, which has seeped into the crevices of our roads, freezes and expands, altering the layers of dirt and gravel. Eventually, the ice will melt, forming holes under the surface of the road until the asphalt gives way and collapses, creating the chassis-damaging craters which all motorists fear.

How to avoid pothole problems

If you hit a pothole, especially at some speed, it goes without saying that it will cause some serious damage to your vehicle – particularly the tyres, suspension and chassis. With this in mind, it’s absolutely vital that you take the proper precautions in order to keep your car out of harm’s way.

It goes without saying that the best way to avoid pothole damage is to simply avoid the potholes altogether. However, given that there could well be a motorist coming the other way, evasion tactics aren’t always an option. If you get caught in such a situation, here are some ways that you can minimise damage:

  • Slow down: The higher the speed at which you hit the pothole, the worse the damage is likely to be. With this in mind, make sure that you slow right down
  • Leave space: If you’re on a road which you suspect to feature some potholes, give the car in front of you some space. This way, you can still scan the road in front of you avoid the same fate as anyone before you.
  • Don’t brake: A natural instinct might simply be to break as soon as you hit a pothole. Don’t do this. Contrary to what you might think, braking as you go over the pothole will only cause more damage to your vehicle
  • Brace yourself: Potholes can cause a serious jolt through your body if you’re not paying attention, and can cause whiplash in some cases. So, make sure that you grip the steering wheel properly, are wearing your seatbelt and are properly braced.

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