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Spring Cleaning for Your Car

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Spring Cleaning for Your Car

Of all the seasons your car has to face, winter has to be the toughest. From the rain and ice to the gritted roads and severe drops in temperature, winter has an arsenal of weapons to grind down your car. So, with spring fast approaching, it seems fitting to give our readers an article on how to properly clean your vehicle ready for the year ahead, removing any evidence of the harsher season.

Remove the rubbish

Firstly, given the harsh temperatures you’ve been enduring over the past few months, the chances are you haven’t spent a great deal of time in your car, certainly not to clean out the cabin, anyway. So, now’s the time. Get in there and remove all of the receipts, loose change and empty food packaging, deciding which of all these lost treasures you wish to keep as you go along. Down the side of the seats can be a gold mine for small – but often important – items, so make sure you check thoroughly.

Vacuum the interior

Once you have removed all the larger bits of stray rubbish from your car, it’s time to remove the dirt which your hands can’t. Get your vacuum out and begin removing dirt from the top downwards. The majority of dirt will probably have congregated on the floor around the floor mats, so remove them and clean those hard-to-reach places. It’s certainly worth power washing your floor mats too, this is particularly easy if they are made of rubber.

Clean your windows

You may find that your windows tend to fog up more in spring. Why’s this? They need cleaning! Dirt can build up on your windows and windscreen very easily over the winter, so make sure you clean them thoroughly and wipe down the glass with an anti-fogging agent for greater effect. With the windows cleaned properly, fog will have a much harder time sticking to it.

Replace your windscreen wipers

This is something that motorists don’t do anywhere near often enough, but should ideally be done each spring. Your wipers can take a real battering over winter what with all the rain, dirt, snow and grit, so it’s vital that you get them replaced in time for those April showers.

Wash your car

Finally, once your cabin is sparkling and ready for spring, it’s time for the exterior. When it comes to washing down the exterior, proceed in a similar vein to your vacuuming and take a top down approach. If you start at the bottom, the chances are you will simply drag dirt around the car and could even scratch the paintwork.

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