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Top 5 Most Expensive Production Cars

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Top 5 Most Expensive Production Cars

The most expensive cars are F1 racing cars, which also happen to be the most sophisticated technological devices on earth, but what about the cars that can be driven on the road? As 2014 draws to a close, here is our list of the top 5 most expensive production cars money can buy.

Find out which are the most expensive production cars of the year 2014, and see how much you will have to save before you can buy one for yourself.

1 – Lamborghini Veneno ($4M – £2.6M)

It is so frighteningly expensive that even lottery winners will struggle to afford it. Plus, the cost of insurance is through the roof and the owner would need to own a runway be able to play with it without being stuck in traffic. Still, for a flash design that will be the talk of the town, this is the perfect car.

2 – W Motors Lykan Hypersport ($3.4M – £2.2M)

Its futuristic design is a look many of us wouldn’t think we are even close to seeing in our lifetimes. This model is available to buy without being custom made so it is ready for the road as soon as it is purchased. Costing $3.4M to buy, this design was just pipped to the post for the title of the most expensive car of 2014 by Lamborghini.

3 – Bugatti Veyron ($3.4M – £2.2M)

With it’s Fast and Furious design, this car looks like something you would see on a racetrack. It is the fastest “street legal” car on the market at the moment making it the ideal model for those with a need for speed.

4 – Ferrari F60 America ($3.2M – £2M)

This smooth, sleek design will be the talking point amongst friends and strangers alike. While the car is admired by many, at the moment there are few people actually driving around in one.

5 – Koenigsegg One:1 ($2M – £1.2M)

Look at it from a distance and you would think it was a toy car. It is built so seamlessly that it doesn’t look real, but once you get up close and hear the engine purr, even a total stranger to cars will fall in love. It is one of six uniquely developed cars designed by the One:1 program and even comes with custom-made tyres.

An Honorable Mention

In 2013, a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO sold for the incredible sum of $52 million (£20.2 million) at auction, making it the most expensive car ever sold in Britain and the second most expensive car ever known to have been sold anywhere in the world. It’s authentic sports car design has made it an exceptionally sought-after car for wealthy car enthusiasts across the world.

While we can’t all afford such extravagant vehicles, it’s extremely important to take care of your car no matter what model it is to ensure it is totally safe to drive. Especially as the winter months have now arrived weather conditions can vary significantly, so let our expert team here at Munster Tyres carry out premium quality MOT, car servicing and tyre services for a fully operational car. Our list of services include:

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