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What are the different types of tyres?

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What are the different types of tyres?

These days, tyres are becoming increasingly complex pieces of kit. Rather than the simple rubber rings of old, we now have large, durable tyres consisting of steel, advanced fabrics and tough rubber compounds. They are feats of engineering in their own right. What’s more, as this technology continues to advance, we have an ever-growing number of different types to choose from, depending on the conditions we are facing.

Acknowledging this, the team at Munster Tyres thinks it’s time to time to give you a thorough breakdown of the different types of tyres, offering advice on the best time to use each of them.

Summer tyres

In hot conditions, simple tread patterns often deliver the best driving and braking performance and, as such, these are a key feature of summer tyres. However, summer tyres only ensure optimal performance in temperatures down to +7°C, meaning that, if England is where you call home, summer tyres cannot be relied upon all year round.

Winter tyres

By contrast, winter tyres work best  in cold, icy conditions, and should be considered when the temperature falls consistently below +7°C. To help maintain traction and proper brake functionality, winter tyres tend to have a deeper, wider and far more intricate tread pattern, making them instantly recognisable. They are often fused with silica, too, meaning they won’t freeze.

Run flat tyres

Run flat tyres, although relatively new, are becoming an increasingly popular choice by many manufacturers. This is because run flats allow you to carry on driving with a puncture and even when your tyres have zero pressure, meaning that they’re  incredibly useful in emergencies.

All season tyres

All season tyres, as the name suggests, work their best in climates where the temperature and conditions are likely to fluctuate heavily. As such, all season tyres are probably your best bet if you live in the UK, especially considering the fact that you won’t have to swap out your tyres twice a year! Since all season tyres have to be able to deal with anything that Mother Nature could throw at you, they have an extremely complex tread pattern that is able to negotiate rain, ice and grit alike.

Directional tyres

Directional tyres aren’t particularly common, but can be quite useful in certain scenarios. Designed to rotate only one way, these tyres are excellent at dispersing water which builds up near the front of the tyre.

Think it’s time for a new set of tyres? We specialise in tyre fitting for vehicles of all makes and models here at Munster Tyres, ensuring your new set is safe for road use.We also offer high quality, part worn tyres for those looking to replace their tyres on a budget – providing quality tyres at affordable prices, without sacrificing your car’s road safety. For more information, or to book your car in with us today, simply contact the friendly team here at Munster Tyres – we’re happy to help.


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