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What Do the Warning Lights Mean?

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What Do the Warning Lights Mean?

When the warning lights come on in your car, never ignore them! They come on with good reason; even if your car seems to have nothing wrong with it, there may be an underlying cause you haven’t considered. Also, failing to address it right away could make repairs more costly than they need to be. This month, we’ll be detailing what each of the warning lights mean, exactly, and the appropriate steps you should take to deal with them.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

This refers to the amount of engine oil in your vehicle’s engine, its pressure and its temperature. The oil warning light may come on if the oil is too hot, but where you have to worry especially is if the pressure is too low or there isn’t enough engine oil. Engine oil lubricates your engine; if there isn’t enough oil to lubricate it, or the pressure is too low to deliver oil around the engine, you could run into serious problems. Ensure that your engine oil is topped up regularly.

Battery Charge Warning Light

Your battery helps to start and regulate your engine, as well as your radio, lights and more. If your battery’s charge has gone down dramatically, serious issues could soon arise, namely that your engine simply won’t start.

The reasons for why your battery might lose its charge are varied, but just a couple of reasons include not making long enough journeys for the battery to charge and using too many electrical appliances in your car.

Brake System Warning Light

Your brakes, some would testify, are the most important component of your vehicle. If the brake system warning light comes on, you should never ignore it, even if the brakes seem to be working fine still. The problem, however small, could become extremely costly or disastrous if left unattended. The problems here could arise due to low levels of brake fluid, but more problematic issues could cause the warning light to come on.

ABS Warning Light

The anti-lock braking system in your vehicle works to ensure that your vehicle doesn’t skid while braking. If the brakes are allowed to lock, you may have little or no control of the vehicle, and ABS tries to correct this. When the warning light comes on, brake carefully, use engine braking to slow your vehicle down steadily and take your vehicle to a garage as soon as possible.

Engine Warning Light

Engine warning lights usually come on when your engine is displaying unusual symptoms. Such symptoms can vary immensely, but some of these include:

  • Intermittent stuttering when pressing the accelerator
  • A lack of power
  • Issues with your catalytic converter

Although your vehicle should still be safe to drive until you can safely pull over and/or reach a garage or dealer, you shouldn’t ignore the engine warning light: have your vehicle inspected instead.

Tyre Pressure Warning Light

Older vehicles may not have tyre pressure warning lights, but nowadays more and more vehicles come fitted with one. These monitor the condition of your tyres, ensuring that they are safe to drive on. The system can detect drops in normal tyre pressure from punctures and other issues. Do not drive on tyres that have inadequate tyre pressure.

If you need assistance dealing with any warning lights that have come on in your car, Munster Tyres and Servicing are ready to help. Munster Tyres and Servicing have been a leading provider of tyres and car servicing to the Fulham and North London areas for 40 years. Our team of experienced professionals are experts when it comes to caring for your car. For more information about booking your car in for a service or repairs, contact our friendly team today.


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