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What to do if Your Car Fails its MOT

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What to do if Your Car Fails its MOT

Did your car fail its MOT this year? If so, don’t worry, you’re not alone – nearly 40% of drivers in the UK did! Sometimes, no matter how much we prepare, it can be the smallest thing that our car fails on. However, if we do fail, it’s important to know what the best course of action to take is. This way, we can get ourselves back on the road as soon as possible! So, in this article, Munster Tyres will provide a quick rundown of the things that you should do following an MOT failure.

Receive your VT30

Immediately after you have failed your MOT, you should receive your VT30 (Refusal of an MOT Test Certificate). On this you should find your car’s details, the MOT test number and the specific reasons why you car failed the test. This is an extremely important document to keep hold of; you will need to present it when you come around to a retest or even an appeal.

Taking a retest

Firstly, before you get your car retested, you will need to address the VT30 issued by the test centre and rectify the problems with your car that are stated on it. However, since all cars fail their MOT for different reasons, it’s important to first consider your options.

  • Have it fixed by the test centre: This is probably your first option, and it’s a good one. If the test centre that you have used does repairs as well, you can enlist them to fix the issues that they have deemed reasonable to fail you on. If they carry out the repairs within in ten working days, they can then do a partial retest, meaning they will merely test your car on what it failed last time. (Here at Munster Tyres, we offer MOT checks and a repairs service, making life a whole lot easier for those who don’t quite manage to pass their MOT first time around. You can simply leave it with us, and we will identify and fix whatever is necessary.)
  • Bring it back within one working day: If you can get your car fixed and back to the test centre within one working day, you can get the partial retest for free. This is no easy feat, though; you may struggle to achieve such a quick turnaround time.
  • Bring it back within 10 working days: If you can’t bring it back within 24 hrs, then your best bet is to simply try and get your car fixed within ten working days, allowing two weeks at least before you can come back in for your partial retest.

Appealing an MOT

If you feel that your car has been failed unnecessarily, then you can appeal the decision. However, first it’s best to discuss things with the test centre once more, simply to ensure there was no miscommunication.

If you still believe your vehicle didn’t deserve to fail, you must fill out the ‘Complaint about an MOT’ form and send it to the DVSA.

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