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What’s Included In My MOT?

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What’s Included In My MOT?

It is essential that your vehicle passes it’s MOT test in order to remain legally safe to drive. An MOT test consists of a series of inspections on the vehicle in order to determine whether it’s roadworthy, so it’s useful to know what will be checked so you can make sure everything is as operational as possible prior to the test.

Here at Munster Tyres, our team offer comprehensive MOT testing for your vehicle, and have compiled a list of what’s included in every MOT.

Brakes – Brakes, pedals and lever condition are inspected for wear or damage, and a check is performed to make sure the relevant warning lights are not on.

The garage will also carry out a test on the braking efficiency of your car.

Lights – Lights must be:

  • correctly positioned
  • unobscured
  • in good condition
  • fully working, with no blown bulbs
  • correct colour

Battery – The car battery must work, be secure and not show any signs of leakage.

Horn – Must emit a continuous, uniform note.

Car body/plates – There should be no excessive corrosion or damage, or sharp edges that could cause harm to someone. The registration plates should be present and fitted correctly, with properly formed and spaced characters.

Steering – The strength and condition of the wheel is tested and inspected for wear or damage.

Tyres – Tyre tread must be above the legal limit of 1.6mm. The tyres will also be inspected to ensure they are of the appropriate speed and load rating, and to ensure there are no lumps, tears or cuts in them.

The warning light for run-flat tyres will also be tested, along with tyre air pressure. A large number of vehicles are failed purely because tyres are not inflated correctly, so this is a useful element to check yourself before the MOT.

Fuel system – Fuel systems are checked for any leaks or damage, and the tank cap will be inspected to ensure it seals correctly when closed.

Emissions – All MOT tests check your car’s exhaust emissions in order to ensure the vehicle is within the guidelines. The exhaust will also be checked to ensure it is secure with no leaks.

Seat belts – The condition of all seatbelts is inspected to ensure they are in working condition and provide the necessary security to passengers.

Here at Munster Tyres, we provide comprehensive MOT tests for cars and vans, promising an efficient and high quality service.

We operate throughout the Fulham and West London areas, so contact us today to discuss booking your vehicle in for it’s MOT test.


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