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Preparing Your Car For Winter Weather

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Preparing Your Car For Winter Weather

With the arrival of the winter months, it’s important to make sure your car is ready for the cold. Decreased traction on the roads, increased reliance on the battery’s power and exposure to low temperatures can all take its toll on your car, so ensuring it’s functioning at its fullest now will reduce the chance of any breakdowns leaving you stranded.

We’ve listed a few checks you can perform on your vehicle now to ensure it’s prepared for the colder months.


Your tyres’ performance could be reduced in the colder months due to  reduced traction on icy roads and changes in temperature affecting their air pressure. It’s essential to ensure they are in good condition for the arrival of winter, as they are key to steering and braking in control.

Check the tyre tread depth and pressure; replace or top up with air where necessary. You should also examine your tyres for any signs of damage, such as bulges or tears. For areas particularly susceptible to the cold, consider investing in a set of winter tyres – these will provide you with greater traction and control on icy roads.

Coolant Antifreeze

You should ensure that your engine coolant is a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze. Many people top up their coolant with water throughout the year, diluting the antifreeze and causing the coolant to freeze in the winter months. To stop this happening and to reduce the risk of a large repair bill, make sure you use antifreeze to top up the coolant to stop the engine freezing over and damaging your vehicle.


Cold weather reduces your battery’s output, and sees an increased use of lights, heaters and blowers – placing it under an additional strain in the colder weather.

It’s important to get your battery checked now to ensures it’s in working order, and avoid finding a flat battery when you’re trying to leave work one evening!


Check that all your lights are working, with no cracked lenses or blown bulbs. Also remember to check that your full beam headlights and fog lights are in working order, as this is particularly important for travelling on dark country roads in the winter.

Breakdown kit

Finally, it’s advisable to have a breakdown kit available in case of emergency where you have to wait to be rescued if your car does breakdown.

Think about the essentials you may need in this situation, especially if it is dark or cold. The kit should include a torch, high-vis vest, blanket, spare clothing, food and water, scraper, and a de-icer.

Our team here at Munster Tyres are experts on how to prepare your car best for winter. We supply and fit snow tyres to ensure your vehicle is safe for the colder months.

Contact us today for more information on how winter tyres could benefit you, or for any further information on the services we offer – we’ll be happy to help.


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