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Can I Drive With a Cracked Windscreen?

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Can I Drive With a Cracked Windscreen?

Your windscreen does much more than simply protect you from rain, wind, snow and the cold air – your windscreen is there to afford you a clear field of vision while out on the road too. With this in mind, if your windscreen has become cracked and you haven’t yet got it fixed, you need to be aware of the risks and legal implications.

In this article, the Munster Tyres team will be taking a look at these risks in detail, making sure that our readers are in the know.

How dangerous is a cracked windscreen?

One of the most dangerous things about driving with a cracked windscreen is that it impairs the driver’s field of vision. That is, with a cracked windscreen you will struggle to see oncoming traffic and other road hazards, such as potholes. It’s not just cracked windscreens, however, even minor chips and scratches can cause problems. For example, if sunlight hits the chip in the windscreen directly it can dazzle you and other drivers, dramatically increasing the chance of a collision.

Another problem with driving with a cracked windscreen is that the strength and structure of the glass itself is extremely impaired, meaning that if you were to crash, the glass would give way immediately, offering little to no defence.

How to stop a chip from spreading

If you notice notice that your windscreen becomes chipped, it can be easy to simply ignore it and carry on as usual, but this is dangerous. As you may know, a cracked windscreen is often the result of a chip that was left unrepaired and eventually spread across the windscreen due to repeat stress.

While many people think they’re saving themselves some money by ignoring the chip, it’s actually quicker and, most importantly, cheaper in the long run if you simply choose to get a small chip repaired straight away – even if it doesn’t obstruct your field of vision. A cracked windscreen repaired down the line probably means you will need a new windscreen.

The legal implications of a cracked windscreen

The Highway Code states that drivers should have full view of the road ahead from their seated position and that the windscreen should be properly maintained. As a cracked windscreen obscures the driver’s view, if you are stopped whilst driving with a cracked windscreen, this could land you with three points and a fine.

If you’re driving with a cracked windscreen and you have an accident, you could be charged with a more serious driving offence. The accident could be your responsibility because you were driving with a damaged windscreen.

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