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Top tips for caring for your car’s bodywork

Posted on March 31st 2020 by Munster.Tyres

The most prominent element of your car is its bodywork. If you’re the type of person who takes pride in their car and wants to keep it looking its best, you’ll know that regular maintenance is key to keeping car bodywork in good condition for years to come. What’s more, taking care of your car means you’ll save money in the long run – it’s less likely to be sent to the repair shop, and it will keep more of its value when the time comes to sell it. In this article, we’re revealing our top tips when it comes to... Continue reading

Why Don’t Cars Get Rusty Anymore?

Posted on May 24th 2019 by Munster.Tyres

Car rust used to be a common problem for vehicles, particularly older models. But within the last 25 years, rust and metal corrosion on vehicles has significantly reduced thanks to the developments in the auto industry. The changes that have occurred over the past two decades has subsequently meant that the use of galvanised steel has increased, which is cleverly coated, on both sides, with rust-resistant zinc. Also, our cars are now protected with more durable coatings – mainly high quality paints. In addition, car technology and design has evolved to a point where a large number of vehicles are redesigned... Continue reading

Most common body shop repairs

Posted on September 28th 2018 by Munster.Tyres

While mechanical problems with a car are extremely debilitating, damaging your car’s body can be extremely problematic, too. Collisions, break-ins and thoughtless vandalism are all potential reasons why your car might need body repairs, and this can often be an expensive fix. In this article, the team at Munster Tyres will be discussing the most common body repairs and their causes. The difference between body repairs and mechanical repairs It’s not always an easy answer, but in general, body repairs take care of the external parts of the car, from frames to dents and scratches. Mechanical repairs, on the other hand,... Continue reading


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