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Why Don’t Cars Get Rusty Anymore?

Posted on May 24th 2019 by Munster.Tyres

Car rust used to be a common problem for vehicles, particularly older models. But within the last 25 years, rust and metal corrosion on vehicles has significantly reduced thanks to the developments in the auto industry. The changes that have occurred over the past two decades has subsequently meant that the use of galvanised steel has increased, which is cleverly coated, on both sides, with rust-resistant zinc. Also, our cars are now protected with more durable coatings – mainly high quality paints. In addition, car technology and design has evolved to a point where a large number of vehicles are redesigned... Continue reading

Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

Posted on March 30th 2019 by Munster.Tyres

It’s easy to take your car for granted when it runs smoothly, but things can eventually go wrong, often with no notice. Ignoring problems and failing to conduct basic checks on your vehicle can leave lasting damage and decrease the expected lifespan of your car. Here are some common car maintenance mistakes you could be making and why they’re bad for your car. Failing to Check Tyre Pressure Checking the pressure is important for three main reasons; fuel economy, flat tyres and road safety. If your tyres are under-inflated, they’ll have uneven contact with the road, subsequently wearing your tyres out.... Continue reading


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