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Top tips for caring for your car’s bodywork

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Top tips for caring for your car’s bodywork

The most prominent element of your car is its bodywork. If you’re the type of person who takes pride in their car and wants to keep it looking its best, you’ll know that regular maintenance is key to keeping car bodywork in good condition for years to come.

What’s more, taking care of your car means you’ll save money in the long run – it’s less likely to be sent to the repair shop, and it will keep more of its value when the time comes to sell it. In this article, we’re revealing our top tips when it comes to caring for your car’s bodywork.

Choose the right conditions for cleaning

Many people don’t realise that there are good and bad times to clean your car, but in fact it’s essential to make sure you don’t do it in conditions that are too hot. So, wait for your car to cool down rather than cleaning it straight after a long journey, and resist the temptation to get out and do it on a hot summer’s day. Heat can reduce the effectiveness of the chemicals in your cleaning products, potentially leaving streaks – at worst you risk damaging your car’s bodywork and, at best, you won’t really be cleaning it at all.

How to wash your car properly

Regularly washing your car is one of the easiest things you can do to keep it looking great and mitigate the need for touch ups – many car-lovers will clean their vehicle once a week. Washing by hand is worth the effort as it is gentler on your car, as long as you use mild cleaning products and a brush, sponge or cloth that’s clean and soft.

If you prefer to go to the car wash, just make sure that you use one that’s clean and well-maintained, and if they use brushes, check that they are in good condition.

How waxing can improve your car’s exterior

Waxing your car once or twice a year will help keep it in top condition. Wax keeps your car’s body nice and shiny and gives it a coat that will help protect the paint from the elements. Waxing will also help cover minor scratches and dents that would otherwise open your car up to rust damage, which could prove costly to correct in the future. The process is an easy one which should only take about half an hour, and you’ll appreciate the results! While you’re at it, you could apply some tyre shine to your wheels to get the rubber looking brand new once more.

Don’t let your paint corrode

As well as being unsightly and ruining the overall appearance of your car, bird droppings and other animal faeces are corrosive and can significantly impair your paintwork. Honeydew, the faeces of aphids, is equally as damaging, burning itself into paint if subject to direct sunlight. The longer you leave such excretions on your car, the more likely they are to do irreparable damage, so make sure you wash your car as soon as possible on noticing them.

Rust-proof your car

If you live either near the sea, in an area of high humidity, or your car is exposed to salt and grit on the roads in winter, it will be susceptible to rust. The dangerous thing about rust is that it can gradually build up, even in the smallest of nooks and crannies, without becoming noticeable until it is too late to do anything about it. This can damage your car’s bodywork or, in more serious cases, your engine – which is usually very difficult and expensive to repair. A simple application of a rust-proof agent on your car and its underchassis will protect your car and save you money down the road.

Touch up small dents and chips

The paint on your car’s bodywork not only serves to make it look more appealing, but also to protect it from rust, so whenever a chip in the paint occurs your car becomes vulnerable to corrosion. Painting over any small dents, scratches and chips in your vehicle’s paintwork will help to protect it from the detrimental effects of rust. 

The best option is to go to a garage and have a professional paint over the damage in order to achieve a seamless finish. However, for those looking to save money, you could buy some paint that is the closest possible colour match to your car, then sand down and paint over the damage yourself. Even an amateur job would be better than leaving it to rust, which would prove more costly to rectify in the future.

Overall, consistently caring for your car will benefit you massively in the long run, saving you money and retaining the car’s value over time.


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