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The 8 Most Common Problems with Tyres

Posted on January 9th 2020 by Munster.Tyres

As the only point of contact your car has with the road, it is likely that the biggest cause of problems you experience with your vehicle will be due to your tyres. Knowing the signs of a problem with your tyres is important so that you can have them repaired or replaced as soon as a problem is identified, ensuring your car remains safe to drive at all times. Our team here at Munster Tyres have put together a guide on the most common tyre problems a driver is likely to experience. Over inflation Tyres that are over inflated will not... Continue reading

How Wearing Down Brakes and Tyres Can Cause Environmental Pollution

Posted on April 29th 2019 by Munster.Tyres

One in every six MOT failures is caused by brake or tyre problems. Unbeknownst to many, driving can wear down our tyres, the brakes and Britain’s roads. Most wear material ends up as dust on the roadside or washed down our drains. But it can deceptively contribute to air pollution. How is tyre wear material damaging the environment? The particles that are released as a result of brake and tyre wear are rich in transition metals, adding to the toxicity of the air. Plans are in place to try and tackle exhaust emissions, which is also adding to air pollution. However,... Continue reading

What Type of Tyres Do I Need?

Posted on April 30th 2018 by Munster.Tyres

The type of tyres you have fitted to your car have very important performance implications, implications which you certainly shouldn’t ignore if you want to get the most out of your tyres. So, depending on the particular conditions you will be driving in, and of course your budget, you will want to choose the optimal tread pattern and rubber compound for your driving goals. In this article, we’ll cover the four key types of tyres offered here at Munster Tyres, detailing their various benefits, and why you might opt for one over another. Regular tyres Many motorists might not think that... Continue reading

How to Change a Car Tyre

Posted on December 21st 2017 by Munster.Tyres

For many motorists, changing a tyre is a particularly alien task, something which we leave up to breakdown technicians and mechanics. This doesn’t have to be the case though, changing a tyre is a lot simpler than many people have it in their heads, especially if you break the process down into smaller, more manageable chunks and remain focused on the task at hand. With this in mind, in this article Munster Tyres will be focusing on how to change a tyre. What you’ll need Firstly, before you even consider the task of changing a tyre, you need to have the... Continue reading

What to do if you get a tyre blowout

Posted on June 30th 2017 by adtrak.admin

A tyre blowout will be sudden and scary, and is a very dangerous situation to have to deal with. Fortunately, with improved tyre design and good vehicle maintenance, tyre blowouts are less common than they used to be. However, it is still important, and potentially life-saving, to know what to do in the event of a tyre blowout and how to reduce the likelihood of this happening. How to deal with a tyre blowout A tyre blowout is not an innocuous event. You will notice a tyre blowout instantly as there will be a loud noise from your tyre bursting, and... Continue reading

Why Should I Choose Winter Tyres?

Posted on January 30th 2017 by adtrak.admin

This winter, we’ve seen mild temperatures for days and days at a time, but suddenly had to endure bitterly cold snaps peppered with freezing fogs as well. As such, driving safely has become increasingly dangerous lately. Knowing this, you can make informed and responsible decisions to lower the risks you face on the road, by changing your driving habits or, alternatively, by investing in a set of winter tyres. Here we’ll be looking at the benefits you stand to gain through using winter tyres. But first: What Are Winter Tyres? Winter tyres are a type of tyre that works best in... Continue reading

How to prepare your car for summer weather

Posted on May 15th 2016 by adtrak.admin

Summer is back and this year it’s set to be a hot one, and it’s likely that you’ll be cruising about to take it all in on those long weekends or hot summer nights. But it’s very important you make sure your car is in peak condition in order to deal with the summer heat and keep you from unnecessary breakdowns and trouble further down the road. Here’s a list of the main things we think you need to be checking over when preparing your car for the summer months. Tyre Pressure The higher temperatures that come with the summer months... Continue reading

How Car Tyres Are Made

Posted on August 17th 2015 by adtrak.admin

For many, tyres are simply seen as the rubber component that connects our cars with the road. In fact, tyres are a key feature in ensuring your car’s safety and performance, with a complex manufacturing process to ensure they provide every car with suitable traction, grip, and overall safety when driving. Here at Munster Tyres, we’ve explained the basic process behind the manufacture of your car’s tyres. Tyre Blend A tyre’s rubber blend can be made of up to 30 components, from layers of strong composite fabric and natural and synthetic rubber coatings to improve it’s ability to hold the air... Continue reading

4-Way Laser Wheel Alignment

Posted on May 28th 2015 by adtrak.admin

While this may seem like obvious advice, it’s imperative that all wheels of a vehicle are precisely aligned otherwise it can have an adverse effect on your driving and the durability of the tyres. Driving on roads in the UK means most vehicles will encounter speed bumps and potholes at some point during the journey, which can really take its toll on the wheels and can knock them out of alignment. How do I know my vehicle’s tyres are out of alignment? If you notice any of the following when driving your vehicle, make sure you have it inspected as soon... Continue reading

Muster Tyres invests in Hofmann Megamount 703XL leverless tyre changing machine

Posted on April 28th 2015 by adtrak.admin

Tyre changing machines are essential pieces of equipment in every garage, and here at Munster Tyres, as an established family garage with over 30 years in operation, we are no different.  Specialist tyre changing equipment ensures that there is no damage to the alloy wheels during the tyre-changing process, which is why we have invested in a state-of-the-art Hofmann leverless tyre changer which promises superior performance using a built-in leverless device. Features of the Megamount 703 XL Racing model we use at our garage include: Heavy duty Functional Strong Durable Ease of use Performance This model uses innovative technology, such as... Continue reading


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