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Why should I get my car serviced?

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Why should I get my car serviced?

When it comes to car maintenance, regular and routine servicing should be a top priority. This is a task that is commonly overlooked by a large section of car owners. However, what they don’t realise is the fact that servicing their vehicles on a regular basis is not only essential in ensuring that their cars are in top-notch condition, but it also has many long-term benefits. As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure. Car servicing significantly reduces the chances of a breakdown, and it also helps to detect potential problems early. Some of these problems, if left unhandled, can become more serious and may need costly repairs. If you are still unsure as to why you need to have your car regularly serviced, below is a brief look at some of the benefits of car servicing.

Safety and Car Handling

No matter how professional or experienced you are at driving, there are high risks involved when driving a faulty vehicle. Taking the braking system, for example, it is an intrinsic component of car safety. If the brakes unexpectedly fail due to an underlying condition while in an emergency situation, the consequences can be dire. From the car tyres and suspensions to the steering and ignition system, ensuring that all these components are in perfect working condition helps improve safety while driving.

Unexpected breakdowns can occur at any time or place. If you are unlucky and your car breaks down at an unsafe location and late in the night, your safety will definitely be compromised. Regular car servicing ensures that such types of risks are reduced to a minimum.

Performance and Fuel Efficiency

There are a number of factors that hinder motorists from realising the most out of their cars’ fuel economy. When components of your car aren’t maintained according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, they cease to run in an effective way. This translates to your car expending more fuel and energy while moving. Oil and air filters are subject to the principle of wear and tear. In order for the engine to run smoothly and retain good performance, old and worn out filters need to be replaced. Under-inflated tyres increase rolling resistance and lead to more fuel consumption.

Car Value and Money Matters

The second-hand car market has proven to be very aggressive and competitive. A car ought to be treated as a serious investment since it is one of the most expensive purchases that individuals engage in. In order to maintain the market value of your purchase, regular and routine servicing is your perfect solution. Potential buyers are more confident and reassured when the car they intend to purchase is fully serviced and well taken care of. When the time comes for you to put your car on the market, you’ll be able to entice more buyers and sell at a higher price. So, not only will regular car servicing help you evade unnecessary costly repairs, but it will also help you earn a higher profit when you pass on the car to the next owner.

There’s definitely an array of compelling reasons as to why regular car servicing should be a necessity rather than an option. It is the responsibility of any serious car owner to ensure that his vehicle is properly maintained and in optimum working condition.

Munster Tyres are experts in providing servicing and repairs for vehicles, ensuring that they are safe and in good working condition. We carry out a wide variety of car repairs and replacements – such as tyre fitting, brake and clutch repairs and, of course, car body work – both efficiently and to a high quality standard. Our experienced professionals are based in Fulham and provide services to individuals across North London. Contact us today for enquiries or for further information on the services we can provide.


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