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How To Care For Your Alloy Wheels

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How To Care For Your Alloy Wheels

How to Care for Your Alloy Wheels

Your wheels are the part of your car most susceptible to dirt, subject to constant contact with grimy roads and brake dust. Alloy wheels can be an expensive initial investment for your car, so maintaining them consistently should be a top priority.

Well maintained alloy wheels keep in better condition, and add to the appearance and value of your car. We’ve listed our top tips for taking care of your alloy wheels below.


  • Water
  • Wash mitt
  • Wheel brush
  • Mild wheel cleaner
  • Wax or polish (to suit the wheel’s finish)

Clean the Wheels

Cleaning your alloy wheels is best suited to a warm, dry day. Your tyres should be cool – never attempt to clean them when they are hot from just being driven as this could cause stains. For a really in-depth clean, you can remove the tyres from the car to clean them, ensuring you can access all areas behind the spokes. However, this can be time consuming so think about what suits you best.

Start by cleansing the wheels with the water – if you have a hose, the pressure will help loosen any tough dirt, and will get into the spokes better. This is the step where you want to be washing off most of the dirt, as this will avoid scratching the alloys later on.

Scrub the wheel using the wash mitt soaked in wheel cleaner diluted with water, then rinse off thoroughly. Use the wheel brush to get into any tricky or awkward areas, and then rinse again- a toothbrush will also work well if you do not have a wheel brush. Pat the wheels dry with a clean towel.


Whether you need to use wax or polish depends on your wheel’s finish. Aluminum wheels, for example, need polish, whilst painted or coated wheels should be finished with wax. For a natural alternative, you could use lemon juice – although this may require a little more elbow grease!

Apply the wax or polish with a clean rag and buff the surface until it shines – this will not only enhance the appearance of your car and show off the alloys, but will protect the finish of the wheels too.

Here at Munster Tyres, we offer tyre fittings, MOT checks, servicing, and repairs for a range of vehicles. From alloy wheels to part-worn tyres, we have something to fit everyone’s budget. Contact us today to find out more information on the services we offer, and we’ll be happy to help.


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