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MOT Checklist

If you’ve booked your car in to have its MOT soon, don’t be caught out. Most faults vehicles fail their MOT for could be avoided through general maintenance of your car. As such, it’s worthwhile to carry out a few checks of your own before taking it in. The tests you can carry out detailed below are not only easy but could also save you a bit of money, too. Ensure that the likelihood of your vehicle passing its MOT first time is increased with our MOT checklist.


Your vehicle’s lights, while numerous, are exceptionally easy to check. Simply get a friend to walk around your vehicle while you operate the lights from the inside. All of the lights should be correctly positioned, not too dim, showing the correct colour and not be adversely affected by another light. If there are any problems, see about getting them fixed before going in for your MOT. Doing so could be cheaper.


Another critical aspect of an MOT is a comprehensive tyre check. You can do some basic checks on your tyres before going in for your MOT. These involve taking a 20 pence piece and using it to gauge the tread depth of your tyres. It is relatively easy to check the tread depth in this way: if the outer rim of the 20p is hidden, your tread depth is suitable; if it is visible, your tread depth may be approaching the legal minimum of 1.6mm.

You should also check your tyre’s pressure. If it’s low, take into your local petrol station and top it up. Information on the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle can be found in your vehicle’s handbook.

Windscreen and Driver Visibility

MOTs also check whether or not you have suitable visibility of the road. Particular emphasis is paid to checking the windscreen. During the MOT, the engineer will be looking for damage and obstructions larger than 10mm on the windscreen and directly in front of the driver. In the swept area of your windscreen wipers, damagers and obstructions larger than 40mm will also cause problems. Look over your windscreen to make sure it isn’t extensively damaged in these ways.

You should then also check your screenwash is topped up. Screenwash ensures your windscreen wipers smoothly and efficiently clean your windscreen. Without it, your windscreen can become damaged. Double checking that your wipers are in good working order is a good idea, too.

Finally, check that your rearview mirror and wing mirrors are secure and free of obstruction. They should offer adequate views to the rear and side and must not be damaged.

Book Your MOT at a Quality Garage

These basic checks ensure that your vehicle doesn’t fail its MOT for relatively minor issues. Once you have carried them out, your vehicle will be ready for its MOT and will be more likely to pass first time. At that point, it pays to book your MOT with a garage you can rely on, and there is none more reliable nor more effective than Munster Tyres.

Munster Tyres and Servicing have been a leading provider of tyres and car servicing to the Fulham and North London areas for 40 years. Our team of experienced professionals are experts when it comes to caring for your vehicle. For more information about booking your car in for a service or MOT, contact our friendly team today.


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