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What Should I Look Out For When Buying A Used Car?

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What Should I Look Out For When Buying A Used Car?

If you’re buying a used car, it’s important to carry out adequate checks that ensure the car is safe to drive. Unlike buying from a dealer, when buying a used car off someone it is your responsibility to ask the right questions and ensure the car is in a good condition before committing to buying it.

A few of the checks you can carry out include:


Look over the body of the car – make sure the form sits correctly, there are no welded edges, and that any dents or damage to the paintwork are noted before you buy it. You can also check the paint finish – if it is not consistent all over then the car may have been damaged at some point and needing respraying.

Doors and boot

Make sure all the doors and boot of the car open, close, and lock as they should do, without any damage to the frame itself or the locking mechanisms. It may also be worth checking the key battery works if the car is remotely unlocked.


Examine the car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), recorded on the base of the windscreen, to check for any signs of tampering. It is also a good idea to check that the number is the same as that recorded in the logbook.

Tyres and spare wheel

It is a good idea to measure the tread depth of the car’s tyres to ensure it is above the legal limit (1.6mm), as you will be breaking the law if you drive away a car without legal tread depths. Also check the boot for the spare wheel, and examine all tyres for any bumps, tears or wear and tear that could need replacing.

Under the bonnet

It’s just as important to check under the bonnet as anywhere else when buying a used car in order to make sure the engine and other components are functioning as they should. Examine under the bonnet for any oil or fluid leaks, and look for any signs of damage or rusting around the engine. It is also useful to check the fluid levels for the car’s engine coolant and brake fluid.


Check the paperwork the current owner has for the car to see if the car’s MOT is still in date, and make a note of when you will need to get it re-tested.

Although checking the car yourself before buying it is important, having the car serviced at a professional garage is a great way of ensuring your car is roadworthy. We provide car servicing for a wide range of vehicles, examining every aspect thoroughly for any potential faults.

Here at Munster Tyres, we know the importance of having a reliable car that’s safe to drive on the roads. We’re on hand for any repairs, MOT checks, servicing, or tyre fitting your used or new car may need; our trained mechanics have a wealth of experience so we can guarantee that any problems are identified and repaired.

For more information, or to discuss booking your car in with us today, feel free to contact us – our friendly team is always happy to help with any queries.


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